Lowogan Kerja Sarjana Kesehatan Masyarakat sebagai Family Planning (FP) Partnerships and Communication Associate di UNFPA Indonesia

April 13, 2018
The London Summit on Family Planning in July 2012 brought together country governments, donors and other partners around the globe to provide an additional 120 million women in the world’s poorest countries with access to voluntary family planning by the year 2020. Following the Summit, the sponsoring donors (including DFID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UNFPA, and USAID) launched follow-up actions in support of commitments made at the Summit through an initiative titled “FP2020.” FP2020 supports existing initiatives and structures aimed at increasing access to family planning information and services.
Indonesia as one of the 69 focus countries under the FP2020 framework, has joined the said global initiative and made commitments to contribute to the achievements of FP2020. With support from UNFPA Country Office (UNFPA CO), the Country has established a country coordination mechanism, namely FP2020 Country Committee to ensure that efforts for achieving the FP2020 commitments are well coordinated and communicated. BKKBN led Country Committee with strong support from UNFPA CO through the FP2020 Secretariat. UNFPA will recruit a FP Partnerships and Communication Associate who will continue providing support to BKKBN in managing the FP partnerships and communication in particular FP2020 commitment.
The following are substantive duties and responsibilities:

  1. Maintain communications and coordination of the FP2020 Country Committee:
    • Organize regular FP2020 Country Committee Meetings;
    • Provide assistance to efforts to ensure regular meetings of relevant working groups;
    • Facilitate establishment of working group(s) as needed under the FP2020 framework;
    • Prepare action oriented minutes of all meetings under the FP2020 framework;
    • Coordinate the monitoring of follow up actions;
    • Maintain information sharing through multi-media.
    • Provide administrative support in the preparation of FP2020 Annual Report
  2. Coordinate FP2020 communications, public relations, and reporting with external partners and donors, including the global FP2020 architecture (Task Team, Reference Group and Country Engagement Working Group), under the guidance of the NPO RH.
  3. Begin development FP2020 communications plan in Indonesia:
    • Consult with Advocacy Unit at the UNFPA CO to keep branding and messaging consistent online and offline;
    • Draft and disseminate documents such as media advisories, press releases, talking points, articles,  web and email communications, and annual reports under the guidance of the NPO RH and in consultation with BKKBN;
    • Coordinate with FP2020 stakeholders/ Country Committee to develop on-line content for the FP2020 Indonesia website and online partner platforms;
    • Respond to press inquiries and actively develop press contacts in the area of family planning and reproductive health, under the guidance of the NPO RH.
    • Support RFP, Data, and M&E Working Groups and monitor Indonesia FP commitment
  4. Attend relevant meetings and conferences and participate in field visits or other missions as necessary, reporting back to the team or relevant coordinating entities.

  • Exemplifying integrity
  • Demonstrating commitment to UNFPA and the UN System
  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Embracing change

Core Competencies:

  • Achieving results
  • Being accountable
  • Developing and applying professional expertise/business acumen
  • Thinking analytically and strategically
  • Working in teams/managing ourselves and our relationships
  • Communicating for impact

Functional Skill Set:

  • Advocacy/Advancing a policy-oriented agenda
  • Leveraging the resources of national governments and partners/ building strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Delivering results-based programmes
  • Internal and external communication and advocacy for resource mobilization


  • Bachelor’s degree in public health, demography, social science and/or other related fields of study
  • A minimum of 4 (four) years of professional experience in public health, with good knowledge of public health policy and situation in Indonesia
  • Experience in public health programming and demonstrate good understanding of the context
  • Experience in engaging with the programme under BKKBN and/or MOH would be an advantage
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Native of fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and excellent command in English
  • Proficiency in the usage of computers and current office software applications

  • There is no application, processing or other fee at any stage of the application process.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • UNFPA does not solicit or screen for information in respect of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.


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