Lowongan Kerja Sarjana Kesehatan Masyarakat sebagai Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – The USAID Jalin Project

Juni 7, 2018

Lowongan Kerja Sarjana Kesehatan Masyarakat sebagai Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Officer – The USAID Jalin Project. The USAID Jalin Project (hereafter referred to as “Jalin” or the “Project”) is a five-year initiative implemented by DAI Global, LLC and its consortium of partners – IntraHealth, Vital Strategies, and Market Share Associates – to work with USAID to facilitate and support partnerships through a co-creation process that brings together a diverse range of public and private sector actors to leverage domestic resources, increase the pace at which reliable local evidence is made widely available and utilized to design and implement local maternal and newborn health (MNH) solutions.


Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Officer


Jalin will contribute to a MNH movement in Indonesia that: (a) brings together actors, including those traditionally outside the health system, to use local evidence and global best practices to co-create, test and adapt local solutions; (b) addresses evidence gaps by identifying where and why maternal and newborn deaths are happening and uses that information to co-define and create local solutions; (c) engages the public and private sectors to co-finance scalable local solutions to support partnerships and ensure that the poor and vulnerable have access to essential services; (d) catalyzes new and existing partnerships, local solutions and co-investment through a whole-of-market approach across the projects areas of technical focus; and (e) fosters a culture of learning and adaptation.

Duties and Responsibilities

Regional Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers are based in each of Jalin’s Regional Offices – Medan, Serang, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makassar – and report directly to the respective Regional Managers. Regional M&E Officers will be supported by a range of Jakarta-based Jalin staff, including the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, and Adaptation (MERLA) Director. Regional M&E Officers will oversee all aspects of provincial monitoring and evaluation activities. Specific responsibilities of the Regional M&E Officers include but are not limited to:



Interested and qualified applicants could send the cover letter and CV at the latest on June 18,2018 to indonesiamnh@dai.com with “Regional M&E Officer in the subject line and specify the availability date in the CV.

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