Team Member (SEAPORT) – Technical Support Unit (TSU)



SC-TSU-Team Member (SEAPORT)



Jakarta, Indonesia



Service Contract



SC-6 Level






1 year initially



10 August 2016


unfpa_logoTSU will be located at NAC to facilitate communication and coordination of activities and to ensure real time troubleshooting when needed.  The TSU will also work closely with and report to the secretary of NAC and UNFPA Representative, as well as with the other units in NAC. Collaborate with SRs and IUs at every  phase of the project cycle particularly in information and data sharing, scheduling and joint undertaking of activities, maximizing available resources (tools, best practices), including monitoring and evaluation. TSU structure will have a central project team that consists of the Programme Team – NAC, PMU – NAC and HIV Unit – UNFPA. The TSU will lead by Team Leader with support from 2 team members and 1 Programme Assistant. A pool of national and international experts to be recruited as needed particularly for TA in implementation of FSW strategy, outreach model, training curriculum/materials for Peer Leader (PL)/Peer Educator (PE). TSU team are designated in the project to take forward the project deliverables, ensure coordination of activities and integrate or link all the TA Packages to make these effective, practical and usable by NAC. TSU will work in day to day basis with the Deputy of Programme – NAC to support the implementation of TA and Training plan for FSW programme. 


  1. Assists Team Leader and PMTS-HRM Programme Coordinator in the designs and strengthens strategies to scale up SEAPORT project deliverables
  2. Assists Team Leader in ensuring the TSU is fully aligned with the SEAPORT programme particularly on the TA and Training Plan
  3. Assists Team Leader and PMTS-HRM Programme Coordinator to ensures efficient and compliant management of project resources including all reporting requirements
  4. Assists Team Leader and PMTS-HRM Programme Coordinator to ensures the training activities implementation are of high quality and are completed in a timely and cost effective  manner
  5. Supports in managing and mentoring the SEAPORT implementing partners, if needed, the NAC programme team to ensure that the TA requirements are met.
  6. Develops strong working relationships with all internal (NAC) and external stakeholders particularly for the GF implementing partners at the central, provincial and districts levels
  7. Develops strong working relationships with other PRs (MoH and Spiritia) as well as other TA providers for the implementation of GFATM-NFM
  8. Assists Team Leader and PMTS-HRM Programme Coordinator to develops/conceptualizes the M&E database as when needed and oversees all aspects of M&E for the SEAPORT project



  • Exemplifying integrity
  • Demonstrating commitment to UNFPA and the UN System
  • Embracing cultural diversity
  • Embracing change

Core Competencies:

  • Achieving results
  • Being accountable
  • Developing and applying professional expertise/business acumen
  • Thinking analytically and strategically
  • Working in teams/ managing ourselves and our relationships
  • Communicating for impact


Functional Skill Set:

  • Strategically positioning UNFPA Programmes
  • Generating, managing and promoting the use of knowledge and information
  • Providing a technical support system
  • Strengthening the programming capacity of country office
  • Facilitating quality programmatic results.


Academic Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in public health, social or development sciences.

 Experience and qualifications:

  •  Minimum 5 (five) years of professional experience in the areas of programme management.
  • Strong background on the HIV/AIDS programme particularly on prevention through sexual transmission in Indonesia.
  • Sound knowledge on Male Involvement issues.
  • Ability to liaise and affiliate with Government, National AIDS Commission, Donors, NGOs working in the area of HIV programme.
  • Ability to work under pressure and travel frequently.
  • Excellent communication and human relation skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment


  • A strong capability to communicate clearly and concisely in both oral and written English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Computer skills:

  • Proficiency in current office software applications.


  • There is no application, processing or other fee at any stage of the application process.
  • UNFPA does not solicit or screen for information in respect of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.





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