Beasiswa S2 Kesehatan Masyarakat dari USAID Prestasi  (Program to Extend Scholarship & Training to Achieve Sustainable Impacts) 

Juni 18, 2017

USAID PRESTASI (Program to Extend Scholarship & Training to Achieve Sustainable Impacts) Master Degree’s Scholarship is now accepting applicants for academic year 2018-2020.
Deadline: July 31, 2017
Health field opened for focus areas:

  1. Hospital Management
  2. Nursing Management
  3. Health information systems management
  4. Pharmaceutical economics and policy
  5. Maternal and neonatal health
  6. TB prevention, care and treatment
  7. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  8. HIV prevention, care and treatment
  9. National public health program implementation
  10. Health governance – finance, policy analysis and health insurance
  11. Health care management – quality of care
  12. Medicines quality control
  13. Supply Chain Management

Other fields which are also opened: Education; Environment; Economic Growth; Democracy, Rights & Governance (DRG).
Participants targeted are:

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